How to video on Monoprinting with gelli plates, print on polymer clay , paper, fabric and more.


4-CardsI just wanted to share with you the fun world of gelli arts. This form of mono printing is currently being used on paper for all sorts of paper and mixed media use, I seen it done on fabric as well. I was first introduced to this form of printing on polymer clay by Syndee Holt when she did a master class for us at Sandy Camp 2014. The images Im showing are taken from the web and are not my work. But I wanted to show you some of the cool stuff being done with them.


I found it throughly intriguing and have been playing with a little. With some fun results. Both Syndee and I use the same paint I sell with the silkscreen kit the Jacquard Exciter pack.

1-Foam Stamps


I’ve also started playing with some heavier bodied acrylic paint with nice results. I’ll share some of my results later but for now here is a link to the video that Gelli Arts made and of course I offer gelli arts on my etsy shop.



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