After 10+ years life is taking me in a whole new direction.    Linda’s Art Spot (the store) is closed. I have decided to leave the site up for now as a resource. Enjoy and happy Claying!


20 responses to “HOME

  1. Glad you got what you wanted enjoy!

  2. Hi Linda,
    I received my order for what I thought was syns favorite 2207J stamp and the packaging on the stamp says CS2207G. Is this the same stamp as the 2207J or is this a different stamp? Just wondering if the correct stamp was sent. Please let me know. Thanks!
    Ida Rogers

  3. I am so glad you are happy! Syndee does a wonderful class offers so much knowledge and energy I bet it was fun. I hope you enjoy your supplies and am glad your experiance was great.

  4. Joan E Bernstein

    Hi, I guess I hit the wrong key because I had planned to order more than one silkscreen and I just received an email notifying that one silkscreen has already been shipped. I thought I had put in my shoppoing cart, so I could peruse more silkscreens.Please notify me as to what the shipping charge was on this order – #1342142767-1.
    Thanks very much.
    Joan Bernstein

  5. Eugenia Roland

    Hi Linda, I ordered some extruder disks last Friday. I got an immediate response they had been shipped. Would you believe I received these today around noon?. Unbelievable fast service. This was mailed from Ca and I am in NC. I can’t even mail something from my town to the next city and get it there this fast and on a holiday weekend as well. Superior service will order again.

  6. I ordered several items last week from your Etsy shop under the Art Chaotic name, but have received no confirmation of shipping info, in fact, it is hard to tell if you are still in business from your website since you don’t reply to comments. Please contact me at the different email address and provide shipping Tracking ID info. If I don’t hear from you this week, I will begin a resolution report with PayPal. Thank you.

    • Hi Jamie yes I am very much open for business. I am not sure why you did not get your tracking info it is automatically generated and emailed when an order is shipped. The order was received on Friday afternoon of the 19th and it shipped out Monday morning. Tracking shows it out for delivery today. I did actually send you a message which you never replied to. My card is in your order so if you have any further questions please feel free to give me a call. I hope you enjoy your products!!!

    • Also thanks for the note about replies I usually reply in a direct email never thought about other people wanting to see the replies. Not really sure why not. LOL so I am going back and adding them.

      Thanks for making me think about that.


  7. Hi Linda, My name is Sheryl and I am trying to find out where I can buy Cinthia Tinapple’s extruder disks from. I sent her a e-mail and she said I should be able to get it from you but I can’t find it on this site. Please help me find it. Thanks for any help you can give Sheryl Wehmeier

  8. Hola Linda, soy Carola de Peru, acabo de recepcionar mi pedido y estoy muy contenta, muchas gracias, empezare a trabajar, aunqie recien empiezo a trabajar con la arcilla, me entretiene muchisimo.
    me encantaron los articulos que compre, y antes de estos mi maquina para la arcilla.
    muchos cariños.

  9. Thank you s much for getting my order to me in such a timely manner. I will definitely shop with you again. Thank you.

  10. I want to shop and blog.

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