A star is born, The story behind Pasta Pal!

The new Pasta Pal, Polymer clay pasta machine lift

The new Pasta Pal, Polymer clay pasta machine lift

I love polymer clay and well everything about it well almost everything that it until now. One of the things I have always found so frustrating was the lost space on my very limited work spot when claying and using my pasta machine. In fact so much I would sometimes even roll my clay by hand oh my! But with arthritis and fibromyalgia that never last long,  LOL

My loving hubby always wanting to help make my life a bit easier made me a pasta machine holder. It was cool and made clamping on my work table easier.

the start of the pasta pal

the start of the pasta pal

And although it was heavy and bulky it did ok for a bit that is until I was at a show and my pasta machine took a nose dive. Well the original version required me to remove the feet of the pasta machine, drill holes through the base of my new machine to then screw it onto the base! Not too bad UGH but requiring tools and time I certainly did not have with me I sat the rest of the day itching to clay staring at my dead pasta machine. Then when my next cheap pasta machine died I was in real trouble. I was not able to find the exact same pasta machine and the new one would not fit! Ugh again.

So Chris went on a roll making me yet another version until a new snag arrive in the form of a birthday gift. Chris ordered me the coveted Atlas 180 with conversions with motor by Mona Kissel  which I totally love, love, love!

Only one small problem for what ever reason,                                                                     I seem to constantly tip my Atlas over. I know it has to to with the motor                 but UGH! I did not want to have to clamp my pasta machine to the edge of my limited table space when I have a motor and don’t have to crank. Time to update the wish list.

So my wish list grew & grew!

  1. It has to make clamping my pasta machine to a variety of tables easy.
  2. It needed to fit the most common of clay pasta machines.
  3. It needed to be tool free and easy to attach the pasta machine to, even for arthritic hands.
  4. It needed to be free standing and easily hold pasta machines with motors.
  5. I wanted to be able to place the pasta machine to work either straight on or any angle to relieve my aching back.
  6. It had to be a fairly small footprint to save precious space.
  7. Light and easy to carry to clay days, classes, and craft shows.
  8. It had to be durable.


teal copy

But just like most crafters I did not want plain wood so Chris made me one without the lacquer finish so I could paint it. It was a hard choice between my top two colors Teal or Purple! LOL as you can see Teal won!

So stop on by my etsy site to learn more about the Pasta Pal!


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