Farewell to summer

I can’t think of summer and not be reminded of the time in my life when I dreamed of the last day of school. I felt unstoppable, strong and full of energy. We didn’t have computers, electronic games and gadgets that left us glued to a chair.

We would jump on our bikes and we were free, we had our bikes and our imaginations and no one could catch us. My days were filled with swim team practice, and playing with the neighborhood boys.


My little brother and I would go on adventures and explorations of the woods near by. We would loose hours digging crawdads out of the creek beds just to move them a few feet down stream to a mote and castle we built out of the rocks and sticks.

Our family vacations were full of water skiing, swimming, fishing and camping. But my favorite summer was when I got to go to Girl Scout camp.

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It was a time when I would take my ball cap off and tuck a bit of my tom boy aside and let me the artist shine through. I remember making macramé lanyards, string art, pottery, gods eyes and so much more. I would dream of what it would be like to just play with my arts and crafts forever.god's eye

But then summer would end and my ball cap would go back on. The world would tell us it’s time to grow up at bit more, were moving up a grade, its time to conform, you have responsibilities.

As I grew older I lost track of how to stop and play to just enjoy a day.

Does it have to be that way, really who says so? Well I found a group of friends who say it isn’t so, just wait I’ll talk about them later.

And yes this is called a teaser!

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