Linda’s Art Spot is officially closed for sales but the website will live on (at least for a bit)

Have you ever done something that you know you just have or need to do?
Did you wonder if you’ve lost your mind, by following your heart and not your mind? Well, that’s me right now.
I have walked away from a thriving business full of wonderful and dedicated customers. And I will miss you all!

It is with great sadness that I find it time to say goodbye to my art family. As 2020 comes to a close so does my time with Linda’s Art Spot.

2020 has brought many wonderful and exciting changes in my life.
I have been put on a path that has been taking my life in a new direction for a while now. I can no longer keep a balance with one foot in and one foot out of both sides of my life. I have embraced the call of my spiritual self, and am taking a leap of faith to step fully into a path unknown and yet very different from anything I have walked or known.

For this reason, I have decided it is finally time to close the doors to Linda’s Art Spot. For the past 10 plus years, I have loved getting to meet and know so many of my customers. You all have been a wonderful addition to my family and I will miss you all alike.

If you want to see where my path leads you can keep following me on Facebook under my name or Channeling One as my new adventure blossoms into what I hope will be full of Love, Joy, Hope, and Light.

Love and Thank You Thank You for sharing yourself, your time talents’ and support!

Hope to see you all soon!


Happy Thanksgiving, and thank you, thank you for all your well wishes!

Thanks so much for all the well wishes when I announced that my shop will be closing. You don’t know how much that means. But hopefully, I’ll still be able to find a bit of time in the studio to do some claying and see you around the web!

Have a Wonderful and Happy Thanksgiving!