We Found A Tutorial You’re Going To Love! Follow Along And Create Your Own Alcohol Ink Landscape Masterpiece

Follow along in this tutorial offered by Marabu and learn how to create a landscape masterpiece.  Artist, Regina Heilman-Ryan guides you through the steps using Marabu alcohol inks to create a work of art you would be happy to hang in your home.

Step by step directions and easy to follow pictures are included in this great tutorial.

“Alcohol inks have a flow of their own, which is what I love about this medium”, says Regina.  “The colors flow together, creating layers and tones that you encourage with air or a brush. You can always add another color, or even wipe off the inks on some substrates with isopropyl alcohol so you can start again. Enjoy the flow!”

Ready to start your masterpiece?  Linda’s Art Spot has a great selection of Marabu Alcohol Inks for your new creation.


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