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Finding rent free space to sell your art.

Since I started my endeavor of being a thriving artist, (I mean really who wants to be a starving one, LOL). Anyway after starting the shift about 1½ years ago I have learned so much and I am  barely scratching the surface.

One of the ways I have learned is through other people’s experience. One of the blogs I follow is Terri has lots of good info to share. She recently shared a new thought that I wanted to share in return.

I think it’s a great idea on how to get free gallery space in a prime location. You can read Terri’s full article here but in a nutshell it basically covers trading your time and offering to gallery-sit in exchange for a place to display your work. Brilliant idea Terri!

My mind has taken it a bit further; depending on what you sell maybe it doesn’t have to be a gallery. I make lots of items that would be purchased in other types of shops. For instance my patent pending bookmarkers. They are very unique and often require an explanation on how to use them. What if I offered to shop sit for a small bookstore, they could display my bookmarkers. I would even be able to show folks how they work.

 Hmmmmm sounds like the makings of a new outlet. Yea!

So tell me what ideas does this sparks for you?

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