How to make your very own flexible mold, to use with polymer clay, scrapbooking and other crafts.

You can make your very own flexible molds in minutes its so easy to do. First start by finding something you want to make a mold of.

Here are a few ideas, candies, buttons, mini cookies like Oreo’s, coins,Beads, cabochons, eraser’s, charms, little toys, and stamps you name it.

Ok let’s go; first you start with equal portions of the silicone mold maker. My mold maker kit makes it easy it’s pre-measured.

polymer clay, sculpted cone flower

polymer clay, sculpted cone flower

In this example I am making a mold of a coneflower that I sculpted out of polymer clay and then cured.

mold making tutorial and kits08022013004Start by mixing the two colors together until you see no white. You will want to work fairly quickly, the curing starts when the 2 parts mix.

mold making tutorial and kits08022013002

              Mold the putty into the size and shape similar to the item you will be making the mold out of. Depending on the size of what you are making the mold of you may need more than one kit.

mold making tutorial and kits08022013006Now you can either push the object you are molding into the putty, or you can place the object on your work surface and push the putty around it.

Tip 1:    Which ever way you choose to cover the object make sure the object does not go through the putty.  If you make it too thin the mold will be weak and break over time. But too thick and it looses some flexibility.

TIP 2:   If you are making molds of foods or something that crumble try putting it in the freezer to help prevent it from breaking.

IMG_0992TIP 3:  Be sure the bottom of the object you are covering is clear of anyMolding compound otherwise it will be difficult to remove the    object and make new molds.

Let the mold sit until it sets and is firm to the touch.

IMG_0996Gently pull the object out and Ta-da your done!

mold making tutorial and kits08022013001You’ve made your very own mold!

Please remember to be mindful of trademarks and intellectual property, when making your molds.

Looking for mold making kits check out my shop.

Happy Claying!

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