Stainless Steel Bowls Make Perfect Molds For Your Polymer Clay Projects

bowls by Marlene Brady

Bowls are endlessly useful and when you’re making them yourself, the colors and designs are endless as well!  Of course, when using polymer clay to build your bowl, it is far easier to have a mold to help you shape your vessel.

Our stainless steel bowls are so useful for working with polymer clay.  Perfect for adding a nice dome or movement to earrings and pendants. You can also use all or part of the bowl to mold and create different sized bowls.  You can even use the sides for smooth domes.

Linda’s Art Spot carries two sizes:

The small bowl measures:  2 1/2″ tall,  1/2″ bottom diameter, 4  9/16″ top diameter.

The large bowl measures:  3 1/2″ tall, 1 3/4″” bottom diameter, 8″ top diameter.

These would be perfect to add to your polymer clay tool box.  Don’t you think?

bowls by My Paper Project

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